• Request support for nutrition coordination, information management and nutrition in emergencies

  • التماس الدعم لتنسيق التغذية وإدارة المعلومات والتغذية في حالات الطوارئ

  • Buscar apoyo para la coordinación de la nutrición, la gestión de la información y la nutrición en situaciones de emergencia

  • Demander un appui pour la coordination de la nutrition, la gestion de l'information et la nutrition dans les situations d'urgence

  • Solicite apoio para coordenação em nutrição, gestão de informação e nutrição em emergências

Consultant Roster

Looking to hire a consultant to support your Nutrition in Emergencies activities? The GNC Technical Alliance currently has 182 technically vetted consultants across multiple technical categories. Our consultants come from 60 different countries around the world and speak 50 different languages including English, French, Swahili, Spanish, and Urdu. We can provide profile recommendations and then you select the best consultant and bring them on board. For any enquiries related to requesting consultants or applying, please click the “request support” button below.

Technical Areas

Prevention and management of malnutrition in emergenices

This technical area covers the following sub-categories:

  • Detection and treatment of wasting in children  
  • Management of complicated wasting  
  • Simplified approaches for the management of wasting  
  • Maternal nutrition  
  • Adolescent nutrition   
  • Infant and Young Child Feeding and Nutrition  
  • Micronutrients 
  • Multisectoral nutrition-sensitive programming  
  • Management of small and nutritionally at-risk infants under 6 months and their mothers (MAMI)  
Cross-Cutting approaches and modalities applied to Nutrition

This technical area covers the following sub-categories:

  • Social behaviour change communication 
  • Cash/voucher assistance for nutrition programming  
  • Nutrition advocacy  
High-level leadership, facilitation, and engagement for nutrition programming 

This technical area covers the following areas of expertise:

  • Experience in all facets of nutrition programming, leading, facilitating and engaging with multiple stakeholders for the development of protocols, policies, strategies and action plans 
  • Designing or evaluating multi-sectoral programmes 
  • Strengthening localization and HDN 
  • Nutrition Financing and resource mobilization 


Nutrition Cluster Coordination

Nutrition Cluster Coordination Consultants on have the following areas of expertise and skills:

  • The Cluster Coordinator for each individual cluster provides leadership and works on behalf of the cluster as a whole, facilitating all cluster activities and developing and maintaining a strategic vision and operational response plan. 
  • He/she also ensures coordination with other clusters in relation to inter-cluster activities and cross-cutting issues, and in accordance with the Principles of Partnership.  
  • Cluster coordination should support national responsibilities and leadership in the respective sectors. 


Needs assessment and analysis for nutrition outcomes

Those consultants that are a part of the needs assessment and analysis roster have been vetted in at least one of the following areas:

  • SMART surveys
  • IYCF-E surveys
  • Coverage surveys (SQUEAC and SLEAC)
  • Qualitative assessments

Quite often, consultants have been vetted in more than one of these areas and are able to assist with multiple assessment needs.

Information Management

This technical area covers the following areas of expertise:

  • Managing information for clusters during nutrition emergencies, including its collection, organisation and dissemination within the cluster and beyond.
  • Analysing and presenting data which can inform the needs assessment and analysis, humanitarian response plan, resource mobilisation, operational peer review and evaluation, and implementation and monitoring.

Our available consultants

Allisata is a Senior SMART survey manager, speaks English, has worked in West and East Africa. Allisata is available to provide support for up to 6 months and has a large experience in emergency contexts.

Frank is a Junior IYCF-E specialist, speaks French and English, has worked in Asia, he has been very successful in implementing IYCF-E programs.

Jill speaks English, French, and Spanish and has over 10 years of fieldwork experience in 15 countries. She specializes in monitoring, evaluation and strategy development which she brings to her work strengthening multi-sectoral nutrition programming.

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