Remote Support

Looking for remote technical support? Technical Advisors are ready to support your nutrition in emergencies work remotely.

What remote support is available?

Approximately 20 GTAM partners are ready to provide technical support to your activities in acute and protracted nutrition emergencies as well as preparedness work. The Technical Rapid Response Team (Tech RRT) is currently responsible for coordinating the provision of all on-site technical support.

We have full time Technical Advisors with expertise in Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM), Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies (IYCF-E), social behaviour change (SBC), Management of At-risk Mothers and Infants (MAMI) and nutrition assessments, and can draw on additional expertise in areas such as nutrition sensitive programming, surveillance, stunting, adolescent and maternal nutrition, cash for nutrition, adult malnutrition, emergency preparedness, health system strengthening and micronutrient programming.

See Resources section below for generic Terms of Reference (ToR) for remote support and flyers detailing CMAM, IYCF-E, SBC, MAMI and nutrition assessment technical support, and the Technical Rapid Response Team website for details on past remote support.

What is the process?

The process is simple, and the GTAM team will support you throughout.

Fill out the form by clicking “Request Support” below or feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. The GTAM team will be in touch with you first to have an initial call to develop a technical support package. Then together we will work on developing the ToR.

During this time, we will identify the appropriate Technical Advisor as well as explore with you funding arrangements.
The ToR will then be submitted to a Deployment Steering Committee (DSC) for approval (if GTAM funds are needed). The DSC is also used to approve remote support requests.

The ToR will be assessed in terms of the following criteria:

  1. Appropriate objectives: the technical support is aimed at improving nutrition outcomes.
  2. Appropriate context: Level 3 emergency, protracted crises or at high risk of emergency.
  3. Appropriate resources: does not duplicate with resources on the ground (or being planned).

What is the duration of a remote technical support?

The duration of remote support will depend on the funding source and the requirements. When financial support is provided technical support tends to be limited to approximately 6 weeks. If the requester is contributing this can be negotiated.

When remote, technical support can either be provided full time (I.e. 5 days per week) or can be provided over a longer period (i.e. 10 days support over a 2-month period) depending on the requirements.

What is the cost?

Costs will vary depending on length of support and the GTAM partner providing the technical assistance. A tailored budget will be developed with you during the ToR development stage. Costs for remote support will usually only include staff and support costs.

Who pays?

It depends on your resources. Either you (and/or partners in-country), the GTAM or a combination of the two.

Thanks to the support of Tech RRT donors (OFDA, SIDA, Irish Aid, UNICEF and Save the Children) full cost-recovery is available when needed - meaning you pay nothing.

Cost sharing and cost recovery options are also available. This means that you pay part or 100% of the deployment costs. This enables sustainability of this GTAM service, enabling us to reach more countries in need and provide support for underfunded emergencies. Simply put, if you can pay, please do.

When will support start?

Technical Advisors are ready to go. The support can start as soon as we can develop a ToR, identify a funding source and agree on funding arrangement.

What else should I expect?

The GTAM team will support you throughout the process, from developing ToRs, identifying funding, support and technical backstopping, all the way to support in finalising deliverables, and reporting and evaluation.

What is the added-value of using the GTAM for technical support?

The GTAM team provide support from Technical Advisors who are experts in their field, bringing cutting edge technical approaches to your programmes based on the best evidence and up-to-date practice. These experts also have access to the other Technical Advisors and the GTAM Global Technical Working Groups for additional support.

Feel free to reach out to us